Brenda Gantt age

What is Brenda Gantt age?

Brenda Gantt was born in Northport and currently lives in Andalusia, Alabama. Ghent worked as a teacher for most of his life. Gant worked as a teacher in the Tuscaloosa County School System after graduating from Tuscaloosa County High School in Northport. She taught in Covington County schools until she retired.

In early 2018, Ghent became famous overnight when a video of her cooking went viral on Facebook. Since then, Gaunt has amassed millions of social media followers and developed into a local celebrity.

Videos of her kitchen are often posted online, and her children and grandchildren refer to her as “Big Mama.” He is a household name thanks to his dishes, charming wit, and religious rituals. His Southern-inspired recipes, such as dumplings, fried chicken, sausage, baked beans, meatloaf, and peanut brittle, are well received by his audience.

In addition to her online activities, Brenda owns and operates The Cottle House Bed & Breakfast out of Andalusia, Alabama. In addition, she personally attends to her guests and prepares their signature recipes. She and her late husband bought a 1900 house and renovated it for their B&B. Its fried pies, fried dumplings, biscuits, scrambled eggs, and cheese mats are especially popular with passers-by.

Brenda Gantt Age

At the time of this writing, Brenda Gantt’s age is 75 years. When Brenda became a viral sensation in early 2018, she was 73 years old and in her final years.

The brand’s drive is one of the reasons it is so beloved. She rarely takes a day off from work, but at 75 she still has the life of someone much younger than herself. Culinary experts at The Cottle House Bed and Breakfast.

Using social influence for good

Brenda also helps run local businesses in rural Alabama towns. This has enabled local businesses to thrive and, in some cases, kept them from going out of business simply through their online following. Also, Brenda is a devout Christian, and what’s more, in her cooking recordings, she’s inspired people to go to chapel with wraps. Additionally, it single-handedly increased the number of people viewing Bethany Baptist Church’s online services.

Bethany Baptist pastor Nathan Daniels credits Brenda with increasing the church’s YouTube viewership:

“Basically there has been a very significant increase as a result of her encouragement. Not only is it encouraging people to get involved in worship, which is great and we’re grateful for that, but Brenda Each video will also have a spotlight on Jesus and the activity she does.

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