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Where does the “the kid named finger” come from?

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Before we explain why the character Mike Ehrmentrat, portrayed by actor Jonathan Banks, is being called “kid named Finger,” we need to provide an explanation of the memes that preceded him.

First, in late September 2020, a misinterpretation meme based primarily on Snowclone “Kid Named X” was recognized. This phenomenon intentionally misinterpreted a phrase in idioms that was spoken by an instructor as a scholar’s name, with a picture showing the scholar’s response. It’s a lot less complicated to demonstrate than to provide an explanation for this, so see the examples below for how it works.

Fast forward to March 2022 – a phenomenon known as “Mike Posting” gains popularity in the ironically breaking horror memes subreddit /r/okbuddychicanery. This trend involves taking terrible anime memes, usually captioning the image, and replacing the image with Mike Ehrmentrat (or often different characters) from Breaking Bad.

Ten days after the Mikeposting meme started, Redditor Monday965 combined the 2 memes into an ironic one, garnering over 3,800 upvotes in the subreddit.

With this submission, the trend of calling Mike a “kid name” or simply “finger” grew, allowing for a great variety of memes, from ironic captions to terrible photoshops.

Use of “kid named finger memes

Kid name memes are smooth to create, however, you really need to make sure your target market will be into the comic story … unless you need to confuse humans, which absolutely works.

The first step is asking Mike for “kid name” or just “finger” and no longer providing any additional context. You actually need to implement some meme format that already exists and replace the authentic punch line with a mic. That’s it; you’re equipped with a shitpost!

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