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Who is Dom Fenison girlfriend?

Dom Fenison is a licensed real estate agent and a model for DT Model Management. He was born in California, an American state. Music City Accommodation is also his creation.

Aside from that, his relationship with Chanel West Coast, a well-known female singer and television personality is the highlight of his fame. Both of them recently made the announcement that they were expecting their first child, which will arrive in the following year.

Dom asserts that he is a unique individual with diverse interests, abilities, and skills. He is currently employed by Music City Accommodations as Director of Acquisitions. He also has excellent and lucrative jobs.


Since childhood, he has supported his family by modeling. He established Beverly & CO, a real estate firm, as soon as he received his degree. He also started Music City Accommodations, which has continued to operate to this day.

He is as of now under agreement with DT Model Administration, one of the most notable and splendid demonstrating organizations in Los Angeles. He has worked for numerous brands, including Armani, Nike, and Givenchy.

Regarding his accomplishments, Dom was featured in the August 2011 issue of Socialite Life’s Male Model Monday. In like manner, he showed up on the cover photograph of GMARCO magazine and in Period magazine in 2020.

Dom has a large following on Instagram and Twitter, where he is most active. His Instagram account has 555 followers and over 74 thousand followers. On the other hand, he has 24 followers on his Twitter account, which has 803 followers. By sharing photos of his modeling, lifestyle, and time with his girlfriend, he keeps in touch with his followers.

Dom Fenison Girlfriend

Chanel West Coast, an American singer, and television actress has been Dom Fenison girlfriend for five years, but they only started dating in February 2022, when they were planning a baby.

During their first baby shower, at which they also revealed the baby’s gender in June 2022, they were seen sharing a very special bond. They revealed that they were expecting a girl, to their great joy and excitement.

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Net worth

Dom Fenison will have a net worth of 1.5 million dollars in 2022. He has put in a lot of effort in a variety of areas to reach his current level of wealth. He has established himself as a man with exceptional talent who stands out in terms of wealth accumulation.

He is a well-known model and has his own Los Angeles real estate agency. In addition, he was the founder of Music City Accommodations and currently serves as the company’s head of acquisition. He also had a contract with a modeling agency. Dom Fenison’s wealth increased by 14% in 2022 compared to the previous year.

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