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Who is Wayne Jenkins wife?


Wayne Jenkins wife, Kristy has decided to remain out of the public eye. When they were in high school, she and the former captain got together, and they got married in North Carolina. They are committed to their three children’s education and are parents. Wayne frequently returned to Middle River from his time in the military to attend to Kristy’s requirements.

Husband in Prison

In addition to the charges against Wayne Jenkins, Kristy is the wife of a police officer who was found guilty of a crime. Jenkins is at present carrying out a 25-year punishment in a government jail. Kristy, his wife, has three children and works as a field-specific lawyer.


Jenkins worked as a sergeant in the Baltimore GTTF, a special unit that investigates city-wide violent crimes. Jenkins was a good father and husband as well. He had a much more exciting personal life than a professional one. He had three children and two step-grandchildren, all of whom were wonderful people.

Several Crimes

Jenkins was charged with several crimes following the massive scandal, including racketeering and record falsification. He received a 25-year federal prison term in Kentucky as a result. However, his wife is seeking a pardon for her husband because she is dissatisfied with the sentence.

His Journey

In 2003, Wayne Jenkins joined the Baltimore police department and earned the rank of a police sergeant. He had many arrests under his belt and was a skilled police officer. His coworkers also admired Jenkins. He was accused of misconduct in four separate lawsuits despite the fact that he was a respected police officer. In fact, three of them were successful, and the Internal Affairs chief of the police department intervened to stop him from being punished.


Despite his 25-year prison sentence, Wayne Jenkins remains deeply in love with his partner. To see her and their three children, he would drive far. Tragically, his vocation changed after the separation and he has not had the option to see his children grow up.


Wayne was a police officer who used his position for his own benefit. He started engaging in illegal activities while he was on duty, despite being a member of the Gun Trace Task Force. He ultimately lost his job as a result of those actions. The Baltimore police department’s corruption is the focus of the movie “We Own the City.”

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