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Who is Megan Perine?


Megan Perine is a beautiful woman from the United States. She and Samaje Perine have two children together. Megan is a University of Oklahoma alumna. Her family incorporates two siblings. Megan’s ethnicity is white. She has never been the subject of gossip.

Supportive partner

Megan’s birthday is always celebrated on September 15 every year. She is a very supportive partner. She has consistently upheld her better half’s vocation. On the internet, she has never disclosed her occupation or wealth. They are approximately the same age because her husband was born on September 16, 1995. Despite the difficulty in determining her actual income, Megan’s net worth is roughly equivalent to that of her husband.

Two Children

Samaje Perine and Megan Perine share two children. The couple has a great relationship. While enjoying motherhood with their two children, they both support their husbands’ careers. They met at Hendrickson High School, where they were both in high school. Samaje Perine proposed to Megan during their sophomore year of high school. With the help of a magician, he made the proposal to Megan. They now have a happy marriage.

Career of Husband

Megan is the wife of American football player Samaje Perine, who plays for the Cincinnati Bengals. He was named First-group All-Huge 12 and the Enormous 12 Hostile Green bean of the Year. He played football at Hendrickson High School before joining the Oklahoma Sooners of college football. In the 2017 NFL Draft, Samaje was selected in the fourth round. In January 2018, he agreed to a four-year contract with Washington.


Megan is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma. She played for the Sooners as a running back. She holds the FBS record for rushing yards in a game, among other records. Additionally, she was awarded Big 12 Rookie of the Year. In 2017, Megan became an undrafted free agent and signed with the Washington Redskins. She can contribute to the offense of the Washington Redskins, a great team.

Net worth

Megan’s net worth is accounted for to be $1 million. By 2022, her salary will be $1,400,000. Ashley Perine is her husband. She has black hair and eyes. She has one sister and was born in Oklahoma. Although they are not related, his mother served as an example for him.

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