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John Dean Wife Maureen Today

Married for 50 Years

John Dean and his wife, Maureen, have been married for almost 50 years. She became well known after her appearance in the Watergate hearings, where she sat close to her better half. She had two previous marriages before meeting John. She later worked as a secretary and an air hostess. She dropped out of college after the death of her father. She’s now 76 years old. Her height is not made public.

 Vice President of the United States

John Dean served as the vice president of the United States at the time of the Watergate scandal. Dean began collaborating with federal prosecutors during the investigation. Dean began giving testimony on June 25, 1973, despite President Nixon’s attempts to deny him immunity. Throughout the ordeal, Maureen Dean was a loving and supportive wife.


It is currently unknown how much money Maureen Dean has. The wealth of her husband is said to be worth millions of dollars. Despite the fact that their marriage is not new, they have a lot of money. Their marriage has lasted nearly 50 years despite the fact that they are not aware of their wealth. John Dean and Maureen Dean are parents to three children. The two of them are experts in their fields. Additionally, they collaborate on books.

Supportive Wife

Maureen Dean will turn 77 in October of 2018. During the Watergate scandal, her husband spent time behind bars. Despite her husband’s arrest, Maureen Dean handled the situation effectively. The couple relocated to Beverly Hills after John Dean completed his four-and-a-half-month sentence in prison. She managed the family’s finances and even enrolled in a financial education program. She eventually established her own stock brokerage firm.

Watergate Scandal

As a lawyer, John Dean worked for the Nixon administration. He exposed official involvement in the Watergate scandal while he was the White House counsel. Along with many other high-ranking aides, he was also detained. Nixon quit due to his involvement. His wife is most pleased with all of his accomplishments, despite the traumatic experience he went through.

John Dean is a columnist for and previously served as counsel to the president. He also writes about the political climate at the moment. John Dean makes a comparison in his article between the Obama administration and the two men who were elected president. Additionally, Dean argues that the new “Tea Party” movement is unlikely to have a long-term impact. He asserts that the Tea Party movement is not a long-term solution, despite the fact that it is a significant political force.

Government Implementing Law

The current political climate has left many unanswered questions. Implementing a new immigration law presents a challenge for President Obama right now. The administration’s efforts are crucial, despite the fact that this is a politically challenging time. It is high time for changes to be implemented to prevent illegal immigration and safeguard American citizens. It is absolutely necessary to observe the United States Constitution. The government will be unable to circumvent the law in this manner.

Four Months in Prison

Dean is a former White House counsel. He was the first official to say that Nixon was involved in covering up Watergate. Millions of Americans watched his testimony. Dean was imprisoned for four months as a result of the Watergate scandal. He has since, however, resumed public life and is married to Maureen.


John Dean, a former presidential counsel, discusses the difficulty Obama currently faces. He must maintain relationships with those who disagree with his positions while also developing positive relationships with the establishment of national security. He also argues that George W. Bush’s ability to alienate the establishment of national security is a legacy and that the President must make the necessary changes.

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