5 Tips To Help You Travel In Style This Summer

Traveling is already fun enough on its own, but traveling in style helps spice things up more. Just imagine how many Instagram-worthy shots you can take on your get-away with your perfectly packed wardrobe!

However, finding a balance between comfort and fashion can be challenging, especially when traveling as lightly as possible under the summer heat. Not only will you have to pick gorgeous outfits, but you’ll also have to choose the right suitcase for the trip.

Fortunately, a wide selection of suitcases is available for you to read on We’ve also prepared five tips to help you travel stylishly this summer.

Coordinate Your Outfit’s Colors

Choose clothing in three complementary colors so you can mix and match each piece. You can create several looks for different days or situations without packing additional clothes.

You can think of the places you’ll visit and see which colors suit them best. If you’re going to Paris or another city, any mix of black, white, navy, and charcoal is a safe pick.

Khaki, off-white (or white), and bright hues like orange or yellow are always appropriate for a beach trip or outdoor expedition.

White clothes made of linen are preferable in hot weather since they can keep your skin cool. You can wear it for both day and night trips, making it an excellent multipurpose attire.

Pack the Right Accessories

Choosing well-matching accessories can completely transform your look. Wearing accessories can also boost your confidence, making you stand out.

Women can try traveling with some costume jewelry that fits their personality or overall aesthetic, such as a striking cocktail ring, a set of big earrings, or a subtle gold necklace. They can also keep their makeup in a chic pouch serving as an evening bag.

Men, or those who do not wear jewelry, could choose a couple of pairs of colorful socks in unique designs to give a little individuality to otherwise simple, coordinated outfits.

Bring a Multipurpose, Yet Classy Outfit

If you plan on going to a formal event during your trip, you will do well to skip the bulky dresses, full suits, and jackets that take up a lot of room.

Ladies may bring a slip dress, high-heeled shoes, and a pair of statement earrings, while men may bring a button-down, a blazer, a great pair of slacks, and a comfortable T-shirt to keep things nice and simple.

All of these items are reusable for another occasion or a different outfit. You can also pack them easily without adding bulk to your carry-on.

Fewer Shoes, More Room

Packing up extra shoes that you’d only use once or twice for your trip already consumes your luggage space, so why pack more?

We recommend that women bring no more than three pairs of shoes on vacation. These could be exercise sneakers, loafers or sandals, and, if desired, heeled sandals for the evenings.

Conversely, men can usually get away with two pairs: sneakers and loafers, both of which can be worn during the day and at night.

Several sportswear companies also make lightweight shoes that fold up to take up less space in your backpack– try checking these out.

Of course, there’s no necessity to pack or choose your shoes based solely on gender roles. Pack lightly and select a few pairs that fulfill multiple functions rather than bringing a pair for every event or evening.

Choose the Appropriate Suitcase

Begin by considering how many days you’ll be out of town, how you’ll travel there, and what kind of trip it is. A trendy gym bag, duffel bag, or small suitcase will serve if you only go away for a few days.

If you’re backpacking, a larger backpack that meets all of your airline’s carry-on restrictions will do the job. It will also be much easier to repack before continuing your journey.

A duffel bag is ideal for camping trips since it allows you to stow odd-shaped objects. We also recommend investing in a durable and water-resistant hanging toiletry bag to prevent getting your other clothes wet.

Choose lightweight luggage with wheels for those more luxurious travels when you aren’t hauling your luggage around.

Ultimately, your luggage should fit your personal travel needs. For example, if you need a phone charger and your power bank runs out of juice, suitcases with a built-in charger will come in handy.

Travel Stylishly This Summer

Staying classy doesn’t mean you’ll have to lug around a bulky suitcase under the summer heat. These five tips will help you stay cool and look cool for your next trip.

Ultimately, however, your level of enjoyment will depend on how you experience the trip. After you bask in the present, taking pictures for memories and posting them on your social media accounts come as an afterthought.

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