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Best 11 Things to Do in San Antonio for Free

San Antonio is Texas’s first established civil community and oldest municipality, named after a Portuguese priest named Saint Anthony of Padua. San Antonio attracts over 32 million visitors each year due to its famous River Walk, Hispanic and Native American culture, and lush surroundings. There are plenty of exciting free activities to do in San Antonio, Texas, including the expense of locating houses for rent in San Antonio.

Here’s a tour that takes you all over San Antonio for a vacation filled with breathtaking insights without paying for a single entry ticket.

1. River Walk in San Antonio

The River Walk, commonly known as Paso del Ro, is a popular shopping and dining zone that runs along the San Antonio River in downtown San Antonio. Visitors can take a stroll down the stone path while listening to mariachi music.

The gorgeous Marriage Island, the Arneson River Theater, and the historical and architectural missionaries are all reachable from this magnificent 2.5-mile-long city park. Rooms for rent in San Antonio are easily available around this area.

2. The Alamo historical site

The Alamo is a must-see attraction for anybody visiting San Antonio. This tour is entirely free. The Alamo Mission was formerly a converted fortification destroyed at the Battle of the Alamo in 1836 during the Texas Revolution. While several original structures have been demolished, remains like the medieval chapel and a remarkable collection of weaponry and artifacts have been saved.

3. The Japanese Tea Garden

This beautiful, calm garden is open to the public every day and is entirely free. The Japanese Tea Garden was previously a rock quarry, but in 1919 it was turned into a storybook setting. With stone walks, a Japanese pagoda, a waterfall, a lily pond, and exotic flora, this San Antonio beauty must not be missed. The Jingu House Cafe offers a variety of beverages, snacks, sandwiches, and Asian food to guests. Photographing in this beautiful place reminiscent of the Secret Garden does not require permission. Pose in the pagoda or near the lily pond to capture the botanical wonder.

4. National Historical Park of San Antonio Missions

This historical site dates back over 300 years. Mission San Jose, Mission Concepcion, Mission San Juan, and Mission Espada are four distinct Spanish missions. Every mission has active Catholic churches where services are held regularly. The Missions in South Texas represent Tejano culture and provide educational opportunities for the entire family.

5. Market Place

With over 100 restaurants, shops, and vendor stalls, Market Square, popularly known as El Mercado, is Nation’s top Mexican marketplace. It is free to walk around the room and absorb true Mexican and Tejano culture. In the Farmer’s Market Food Court, enjoy a live performance or explore the traditional pottery, clothes, artwork, and cuisine. Finding rooms for rent in San Antonio near El Mercado should be simple due to its popularity.

6. Hemisfair Park’s Yanaguana Garden

Yanaguana Garden is a fantastic area to let loose with your family, with various unique artworks, playgrounds, a splash pad, and over 500 events per year. Guests can relax on one of the tiled seats or play free chessboard, checker, and ping pong. After that, you should visit one of the many nearby converted restaurants.

7. Artpace, San Antonio

Artpace in San Antonio is a public contemporary art gallery and nonprofit residency program for local and international artists. The place is open all week and offers self-guided and guided tours in English and Spanish. There are also unique performances, film screenings, workshops, and summer classes to keep you entertained.

8. Historic District of King William

This 19th-century attractive suburb was previously home to German immigrants who moved to the Texas Hill Country and was named after King Wilhelm I of Prussia (Germany). Enjoy breakfast or lunch at the opulent Guenther House, decorated in Victorian style. After that, go to the Blue Star Arts Complex or the San Antonio Art League and Museum.

9. The Art League and Museum of San Antonio

The SAALM is a converted art museum and gallery located in the picturesque King William Historic District. This 19th-century carriage house’s permanent collection includes nearly 600 pieces in various mediums by Texas artists. Local and regional Texas artists are featured in roaming exhibitions. Admission to the museum is complimentary, while donations are accepted.

10. Murals

The objective of the San Antonio Street Art Initiative is to inspire local artists to create street art to beautify the city. The campaign also raises awareness of street art’s cultural relevance in general. San Antonio features a plethora of colorful murals that reflect the local culture. Visit the Essex Modern City Murals on Essex Street or St. Mary’s Street under the highway for permanent art.

11. The Fort Sam Houston Museum and the Quadrangle

Fort Sam Houston’s Quadrangle was built in 1876 and functioned as the original limestone fort building that kept supplies before the US Army used it as an armament. Geronimo, the Apache leader, was once incarcerated here. The Apaches have hauled in the deer and other species that roam the grounds.

Visitors can also tour the Fort Sam Houston Museum, which chronicles the fort’s history since 1845. Deer and peacocks freely roam the defense, which is still used for military purposes. Despite the fact that both sites are accessible, visitors must present a valid driving permit before entering this place.


San Antonio, the most attractive of Texas’ major cities – and the oldest, having become 300 years old in 2018 – continues to wow visitors. You don’t have to be affluent to appreciate the lovely riverside city. San Antonio offers numerous free opportunities to learn about its natural history, culture, and history.

In addition, most museums offer free entry on one or two days per week or month. This is a fantastic opportunity for any family or roommates to spend the day learning and exploring together. There is so much to do in Texas that you can visit the places and prepare a checklist for yourself, listing the places offering good houses for rent in San Antonio at reasonable prices.

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