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How much is Lego worth?

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If you are into buying the Lego sets of your liking, you might also be wondering about how much is Lego worth? Well, there is no specific answer to that because the Lego prices have variations depending upon the Lego sets or the quality of the Lego bricks or some other features like lightning effect or the presence of the Minifigures also.


Factors determining the Lego bricks worth:

·   Brand positioning:

Lego has maintained its brand image by providing updated versions, qualities, and creative touches to its brick. It is considered as one of the most favorite toys all around the world which has not targeted just one market segment.

The best marketing tactics are what made Lego the most popular toy globally with a worth of $7.51 billion company value. It has even taken over the Ferrari in 2015.

The mission is to inspire and empower future builders.

·  Resale worth:

It might be astonishing to you that the worth of the old Lego sets or toys does not vary. It might even get expensive and has also huge sales in black markets.

·   Licensing Fees:

The Lego is mostly influenced by the mega-series and the Marvel series like Star Wars, toy stories, harry porter, Marvel heroes, etc. which eventually means high licensing means making it more expensive for the customer end because of the increased cost of production.

·   Material quality:

The brand’s worth and positioning are sustaining its top position in the toy market and the basic reason behind this is the high-quality material with the exact precision of the bricks making. For instance, you can get the same Lego brick from that of 1959 in case you have lost some bricks of your Lego toys.

·   Lego sets size:

The worth of the Lego bricks is highly associated with the increase of the Lego sets available in the market. The bigger the set the higher will be its worth.

In 1985, each Lego brick costs about 40 cents which gives an average of 10-12 cents for one brick. This is tremendously low as the number of pieces and the worth of the Lego toys have been changing ever since.

For instance, the most famous Taj Mahal has worth $400 while the Death Star worth in total is 500. So, you might get an idea of the worth of the Lego sets.

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Are Lego bricks being worthy instead of gold?

According to the study, the customers are more fascinated with the Lego bricks. Since the price of the Lego brick does not go down as per the time and it a huge. You can get the idea of the Lego sets worth from the Star Wars 10179, which was auctioned for $4700 while the original price was $525.

Final thoughts:

So now you might have a clear idea about, how much is Lego worth? And the factors which influence the worth of the Lego sets make them sustainable and competitive in the market for more than seven decades.

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