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Top Tips for Elevating Your Next Big Corporate Event

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After a few years of having to cancel events due to the global pandemic or else convert them to online offerings, many business owners and leaders are excited to be able to run in-person celebratory parties, conferences, launches, and the like again.

Here are some tips to consider if you’re getting ready to put on a big corporate event and want to ensure you elevate it to impress your guests.

Clarify the Reason for Your Event

Firstly, don’t start planning your shindig until you are clear about why you want to host it in the first place. You and your team need to understand what you hope to accomplish from the occasion to develop the plan for the event accordingly. For instance, you may want to develop stronger relationships with your customers, throw a thank-you party for your employees to show them how valued they are, or run an annual conference that will get media, investors, and guests raving for months.

Once you’ve determined your goals and objectives, you should find it much easier to create an event that meets these expectations.

Understand Your Audience

Knowing who your guests will be at your event is essential so you can tailor everything to their interests and likes and dislikes. For instance, are the people attending your soiree likely to be long-time clients or potential ones, or perhaps community members, business partners, investors, executives and upper management, or your entire workforce?

Understanding your audience will help you avoid investing in elements that won’t impress them or that could offend them, and it will ensure you put money into the right areas of your event planning. In turn, you’re more likely to see an excellent return on investment of the party or conference, etc., and those involved are more likely to become excellent ambassadors for your business, talking fondly about their experiences.

Pick an Interesting Location

One of the most vital aspects of planning and running corporate events is determining where you will hold the occasion. To elevate things to the next level, you need to find a venue that’s interesting and inspired, will make attendees smile and feel comfortable, and will help you bring your overall vision to life.

To do this, don’t just jump into saying yes to the first venue you find available for your date. You must find a spot that suits your goals and all the specifications you have in mind for success for the event, so do plenty of research online and in person and ask around for recommendations of potential options from the people in your circles.

Pay attention to a location in particular, though. Unless you’re happy to pay for a bus or other group transport to take guests to a venue, you need to choose somewhere that looks great, has a cool atmosphere, and is convenient for people to get to.

Choose a Theme with Meaning and Impact

A memorable event is one with a clear theme, too, so you must clarify yours before you proceed. Choose a theme with meaning and impact for your business, your team, and the audience who will be attending. For instance, if you feel that your venture and staff members have had a tougher-than-usual year, you might theme your annual corporate retreat or conference around words like “resilience” or “what’s next?” and so on.

If you have a new tagline for your company, you could take one of the words out of it or use the whole phrase as your theme. You may be looking to give people a fun time to interact and let loose, in which case you might make your event themed around comedy legends or the idea of a “roast” on someone.

Add at Least One Wow Moment

To put together a “wow” event, you need to think about moments when you can surprise your guests in the best way possible. Come up with at least one “wow” moment for the proceedings. There are multiple ways to do this. For example, you might arrange a spectacular mortar fireworks display to light up the sky towards the conclusion of your event or bring in a special guest entertainer that your audience will be familiar with and excited by.

Alternatively, you could go all out with jaw-dropping decorations, have amazing prizes available on the day, or be creative to come up with some other remarkable idea that won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

Other tips are to select presenters with care, so you only have people speak who you know can draw in a crowd, and look for ways to make presentations more interactive. Spend decent money on food and drinks, and have backup plans in place in case things go wrong on the day. Finally, evaluate the event after it’s over to see what you can learn and improve next time.

Events take a lot of time, energy, and money to bring together. Still, they can have incredible results for a business, so take your planning seriously and pull off an occasion that’s far from mediocre.

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