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What Needs to Be in Your Summer Wardrobe?

Did you know that summer 2022 is projected to have hotter weather across the United States than it typically experiences?

With warmer weather on its way, you might be feeling unprepared when you take a look in the closet. If you want to get prepared for the warmth, you need to start with the right clothes. Continue reading to learn about the must-have items you need for your summer wardrobe this year!

White Tops

One of the best items to have in your summer wardrobe is white tops. Loose white tees, white tanks, and button-ups are perfect when the sun is shining. The white doesn’t attract or hold onto as much heat as a dark shirt, which makes it the ideal choice. Whether your white tops have a pattern or not, they will keep you cool.
White is also a great color for the summer since it’s so versatile and can get matched with so many items. Don’t be afraid to liven up your white top with other summer trends!


If you only have boots and tennis shoes in your closet, you won’t be nailing your summer look this year. Summer is the time to let loose and let your skin breathe. It’s time to put away your shoes that are overheating your body and slide into sandals that will keep you cool and fashionable.
You can wear sandals for formal events, a day at the beach, or walking around town. These are the ultimate footwear to have on vacations, just make sure you find a pair that’s comfortable to walk around in.
Flip-flops are fun, however, they aren’t the most supportive or reliable. Try to find sandals with a few straps so that you aren’t tripping over every crack in the sidewalk.

Denim Jacket

Even on the warmest days of summer, a storm could roll in and bring a cool breeze with it. Having a denim jacket in your wardrobe can help you prepare for evening outings and those cooler summer days. Denim is a perfect material since it’s soft and breathable. You can pair your jacket with most outfits and people will love the grunge look that you’re bringing back.
Be careful matching your denim jacket with other denim items, such as shorts or jeans. The styles and stains of the fabric can make some denim clash with each other.

Summer Dresses

Finding dresses can get overwhelming if you don’t know your size or body type. Summer dresses look great on every body type, but certain styles are better suited for some than others. Mermaid dresses, mini-dresses, and full-length maxi dresses are all options to consider. Depending on the style, you can show some skin to the sun for a tan or cover up almost completely.

It’s a good idea to have summer dresses in case you get invited to a wedding or other event. These dresses are comfortable to wear indoors and are light and breezing in the sunshine. If you want to dress up a simple summer dress, you can add a pair of wedges and jewelry for a more formal appearance.

Jean Shorts

Once you start seeing people wearing jean shorts, you know that summer has arrived. Jean shorts are a staple for the summer since they match everything and are perfect for the beach. You can slip into a pair of jean shorts and a tank top on the hot days when you take the kids to the park. The best part about these shorts is that you can get a tan and still show off your best features.
Since jean shorts aren’t formal attire, you can pair them with some stylish sneakers or a printed tee.

Wide-Leg Pants

Loose-fitting pants with wide legs are a must for the summer. Linen pants that are in the style of bell bottoms are hitting the racks this year. If you live in a cooler climate, yet still get hot weather, linen wide-leg pants are perfect. The linen materials are light, airy, and soft, making you feel like you’re in clouds.
This is a wonderful option to have in the closet since you can dress them up or wear them with casual items.

Athletic Clothing

Summer is a time for exploration and adventures, which is why you need to stock up on athletic clothing. Shirts, shorts, and shoes are critical for summer since you don’t have the excuse of snow being on the ground. If you want to join your kids on the playground or play a game of soccer, you should keep a simple outfit in the vehicle.
Without athletic clothing, you might struggle to get comfortable when out and about.

Bathing Suits

Owning a bathing suit is one thing, but owning one that you feel confident in is another. Take time to find a bathing suit style that you feel confident in. One-piece bathing suits have made a strong comeback and come in a variety of styles that can still look fashionable and sexy. Two-piece bathing suits are also great for tanning, but if you want more coverage, there are tank-top suits.

If you buy a bathing suit and you don’t like it after trying it on, return it and put the money towards something you will wear. The worst thing about beach days is skipping out on the fun because you have your bathing suit.

Does Your Summer Wardrobe Need Help?

Updating your summer wardrobe is a must if you want to enjoy the warmer months. Without the right clothing, you will be unprepared for beach days and hours in the sun. Light and breathable clothing, like wide-leg pants and dresses, is great for those humid days. Don’t be afraid to try a style that you normally don’t wear, especially if it accentuates your features.

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