What Happened To Latrese Allen Son

What Happened To Latrese Allen Son?

Courtney Allen, the child of comedian Latrese Allen, went live on Facebook and discussed how she really went wrong.

Courtney Allen is a comedian who makes recordings and posts them on TikTok and other virtual entertainment sites. He mostly posts entertaining recordings and answers in which he expresses certain things.

On his virtual entertainment stages, Allen is known as “Killa Kenz”. His latest live video on Facebook has turned him into a dynamic fixture in the web-based entertainment arena.

What Happened To Latrese Allen Son?

Courtney Allen, a teenager from Latrese Allen, refused to go after her mother in a live video.

The video has since become incredibly popular through the ranks of web-based entertainment.

Both Latrese and her children have shared their own versions of the story, leading to different perspectives. He reaffirms that he did indeed assault her based on her sexual orientation, and he blames her for lying about it.

This is how mother and child interact and have been going on since then. Many people, by all accounts, are affected by this family problem.

Courtney Allen’s period guarantees that her mother, Latrese Allen, handled her properly when she was only 9 or 10 years old.

He is currently 17 years old and will be turning 18 before that. Allen told all viewers watching the live video that he expects to share it before he turns 18.

Allen makes the most of web-based entertainment stages. His idea on Instagram is @therealkillakenz, and he has 33.4k followers. Unfortunately, he hasn’t posted anything; however, he primarily connects with his followers through Instagram Stories.

Along these lines, we can also find him on YouTube, where his channel name is The Genuine Killa Kenz. Till now he has more than 351 thousand views and 17.6 thousand supporters on his channel.

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